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Dog Enclosures & Temporary Dog Fencing

Keeping pets safe and secure is a priority for all pet owners. No matter what your pet, TTFS has the right animal enclosure for you.

TTFS animal enclosures come in two different designs:

  • Pet Enclosures and Fencing Boxed (new!) – standard square or rectangular sizes you can purchase, depending on your pet’s needs
  • Bespoke – customised to suit oddly shaped or small backyards, or particular requirements. Adjustable, depending on the type of pet you have.

Regardless which option you choose, our animal enclosures are designed with the comfort of your pet in mind. They offer ample room to play in, giving them both space and protection.

Instead of putting your dog on a leash, it can comfortably stretch its legs outdoors in one of our enclosures. Chickens can be left to scratch at the earth. Rabbits can hop happily in the safety of their new home.

Features of the TTFS animal enclosure include:

  • a wiremesh frame
  • made from high quality, rust protected galvanised steel
  • easy to assemble panels
  • two clamps included with each panel/gate.

Your choice of optional extras range from:

  • an add-on waterproof roof to protect your pet from rain and UV rays
  • a pre-assembled gate
  • bespoke panel sizing.

Pet Enclosures and FencingOur enclosures offer peace of mind for pet owners. Knowing that your beloved pet is kept safe at all times is guaranteed with a TTFS animal enclosure.

To find out more about our animal enclosures, please contact us on 1300 119 998 today.

We manufacture, stock and can deliver your temporary fencing within 24hrs for the lowest cost. Call the team at The Temp Fence Shop on 1300 119 998, for our professional and reliable service.