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  • What’s the difference between materials?

    Temporary Fence Signage, Banner Mesh and Printed Shade Cloth.

What’s the difference between materials?

Our two different types of materials to choose from for Temporary Fence Signage are Banner Mesh and Printed Shade Cloth, each have their own characteristics in terms of print quality, and suitability for different environments.

Banner Mesh is a premium product. It has a tighter weave therefore is the thickest or denser fabric and provides the greatest UV block-out capability and less transparent for privacy.

Economy Mesh, Open Weave Mesh and Shade cloth have an open weave are lighter fabrics and are ideal for high wind environments. All products vary when it comes to print quality, dust and debris control and block out capability for privacy.

Different weaves not only have different costs and print qualities but also have different purposes.

Environment factors can play a role in which products is best suited to your site these include wind, UV protection and whether the area needs to be protected from dust or debris or needs to be covered for other occupational health and safety issues.

Some of these are outlined below:

  • Scaffold mesh – the simple choice for those who only require dust control.
  • 50% block-out – a partial visual block-out, offering improved dust control.
  • 70% block-out – a fantastic option for screen printed shade cloths. It also provides better environmental protection and is the best choice for covering veggie patches and plants.
  • 80% block-out – the best visual block-out and highest level of UV protection. It also features the clearest and most distinct colour.

These should all be considered when making your decision, however if it’s a bit too confusing please give us a call were more than happy to help. To find out more about our different mesh products print
quality, and fixtures and fittings please follow the links below.

How do the different materials effect print quality?

What different fixtures/fittings do you offer?

If you are unsure on what would be the best solution for your site please give us a call on 1300 119 998 we would be more than happy to help.

What is your need?

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Econ-Block Feet


Injection moulded feet

Zero Trip Fence Base

Heavy Duty Temporary Fence Panels

Euro Fencing Panel

Construction Fencing Panel

40mm Heavy Duty Temp Fence Panel

Half Temporary Fence Panel

Wheeled Pedestrian Access Gate

Vehicle Access Gate

Premium Hi Vis Orange Blowmoulded Temp fence feet

40mm OD Temporary Fence Feet

Recycled Rubber Temp Fence Feet

Two-part temporary fence feet

Alternative Bases

Steel Spike Temp Fence Feet

Steel Plate Temp Fence Feet

Temporary Fence Stay

40mm Temporary Fence Stay

Two Part Temporary Fence Stay

Standard Temp Fence Clamp 100mm

Temp Fence Clamp 90mm – for rubber foot

Temp Fence Clamp 40mm

Temp Fence Clamp 72mm

Temporary pool fence panel

Temporary pool fence feet

Temporary pool fence gate