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May 8, 2018

Cutting Costs – Why More Builders Buy Temporary Fencing

If you run your own construction company or small business, you know how important cash-flow is – and the idea of forking out to buy your own temporary fencing might seem like a big expense.

But those in the construction industry also know the importance of temporary fencing – it keeps construction sites and the area around them safe and secure. It’s time to consider buying your own temporary fencing so you’re not stuck hiring fencing over and over for every new job.

At The Temporary Fencing Shop, we can help determine your fencing needs and save you money – read on to find out the benefits of owning temporary fencing compared to hiring.

Safety First

There are a number of points under the Safe Work Australia Construction Work Code of Practice that make it mandatory for a workplace with construction work taking place to be secured from unauthorised access.

If your build site is near a route travelled by children, a school, park or recreational area, the code recommends you install a perimeter fence if hazards can’t be removed.

If you’ve got scaffolding on your site, you’ll also need to prevent unauthorised access to the scaffold while it’s incomplete or unattended.

You also need to keep the public safe if your site is in an area that can be easily accessed – failing to do so could result in the risk of injuries or even death. All these factors prove just how important quality temporary fencing is onsite.

Temporary fencing is the perfect option for keeping both your build site and the area around it safe, so make sure you can fulfil your fencing needs by buying your own fencing equipment rather than hiring. Purchasing temp fencing means you have full control of the equipment and how it is maintained.

It’s Cost Effective

If you work in the construction industry, you already understand that you’ll find the need for temporary fencing more than once.

While the name implies it’s not permanent, that doesn’t mean that temporary fencing can’t be used again and again – it’s durable, strong and tough, and designed to be used across many projects!

Hiring temporary fencing might seem like the cheaper and more convenient option at first, but if you’re finding yourself with a need to use it on a frequent basis, it’s time to look at buying it outright!

Buying temporary fencing means you can use your fence when and where you want, and there are no terms and conditions or hidden costs. It will also pay for itself after only one or two projects!

Built to Last

At The Temporary Fencing Shop, we have industry-leading quality control procedures that ensure you end up with the highest-quality goods, and all our products comply with Australian standards.

We have our own in-house manufacturing facility meaning we set rigorous quality standards, and our fences are designed for regular use in the harsh Australian climate.

Our products are built to last, so you know you’ll be making a good investment in your business by buying your own temporary fencing.

Versatility is key

We know your projects won’t always be the same, so we have a range of temporary fence panel styles and types for whatever industry you’re in – whether it be a residential building, commercial building, construction or demolition.

Our range includes construction panels, gate panels and heavy-duty options to suit your needs, and all of our products are easy to install and pack down so you don’t waste valuable time.

Buying your own temporary fencing also allows the convenience of not having to wait for delivery or go through mountains of paperwork just to set up some fencing – it’s where you need it, when you need it!

Get in touch with the friendly sales team at The Temporary Fencing Shop on 1300 119 998 to discuss your needs and budget.