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January 6, 2016

Why hire when you can buy?

Buying temp fencing rather than hiring is a cost-effective method for many businesses, industries and projects. This is particularly beneficial if you are using the fencing for long periods of time on large construction, civil and mining sites.

There are a number of reasons for buying temp fence as opposed to hiring, and it’s not just about cost, we have outlined a few of the benefits of buying from  TTFS below.

Buy vs Hire Temp Fencing:

No Surprise Fees & Cost Savings.

It’s common for temp fence hire to have additional, hidden and extra costs. These can include damage & cleaning fees, hire contract extensions, transport, set up and dismantling fees, you often end up paying a lot more than you initially expected.

When you hire, damages to temporary fencing can be penalised 300-400% of the actual cost. For example, if a temp fence panel’s cost is around $50 to purchase, a fencing hire company could charge you $200 to replace just one damaged panel. With buying from The Temporary Fencing Shop you can just purchase small amounts as low as one panel to replace any damages as and when they occur.

Buying your fence from the temp fence shop is one transaction. No consequences for misuse, costs for the extension of loan period or no annoying paperwork.

Better Flexibility, Access, Installation & Relocation.

OH&S is central on most sites that require temporary fencing and compliance is a must. You need to adapt and often site areas secured by fencing are subject to change. Owning fencing means you don’t have to worry about pick up or delivery relocate your temporary fencing on site as the need arises –no hire company to contact, no waiting, and no installation fees. Move around your site or to another site whenever or wherever it’s needed and no need to extend hire periods or pay for ongoing use. All you need is basic hand tools to relocate to a different part of your site, you are in control.

The Temporary Fencing Shop supply temporary fencing and stock kilometres of fencing ready to go as needed. Often hire companies need weeks or months in advance to fulfil an order and schedule delivery and installation, which can be a headache if you need to add some fence to your perimeter or need it on site with a quick turnaround. Just receive your order or pick up from our warehouses and install yourself.

Manufactured To Your Specifications.

Along with an increasing health and safety and security concerns, some sites in Australia can be subject to some of the harshest environmental conditions. These factors are prompting sites to turn to higher temp fence specifications, which is difficult when hiring.
You could be looking for a thicker or heavier duty mesh, custom coloured temp fence feet or a different finish i.e. powder-coating. Buying your own temporary fence means you can have it manufactured to your own specs as you wish. Speak to TTFS to find out more.

Quality Assurance.

On sites where assets such as machinery, tools and materials require protection or safety precautions are a major requirement quality temporary fencing is a must.When you own the temporary fence you are in complete control over your own product, not the hire company. With demanding OH&S standards and security issues on your site – wouldn’t you prefer being in control?

When buying temporary fencing you are getting a brand new quality products that look good and have been manufactured with meticulous attention to detail. No damaged or overused fence, clamps, feet or stays you might get from a hire company.

Our range of  Temporary Fencing products are manufactured to stringent internal standards and comply with OH&S and Australian Standards (AS4687 Temporary fencing and hoardings).

If you are looking for a better bottom line, less paperwork, complete control of the quality and use of your temp fence the buy from TTFS, don’t hire!

Getting in touch with our friendly sales team on 1300 119 998 we will be more than happy to help. TTFS delivers nationwide and are supported by depots in AdelaideBrisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.