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Temporary Fencing Brisbane


Brisbane businesses don’t need to be wasting their money on hiring fences again and again, when you can simply buy your temporary fencing supplies outright from the Temporary Fencing Shop (TTFS).

Many Brisbane companies that buy their own temp fences have found they make back what they could have been spending on hire in just one or two projects.

Our Brisbane office and warehouse

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1300 119 998

Hours of operation:

Monday: 7:30am – 3:30pm
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Temporary fences for all of Brisbane’s industries

We supply temp fencing supplies to all kinds of Brisbane-based businesses, including:


There is nothing more important than safety when it comes to mining. Our fences may be temporary, but they are built for heavy duty. We supply resilient temp fencing supplies that you need to last.

Events and entertainment

Event planners and festival organisers in Queensland rely on TTFS for secure temporary fencing for crowd safety and venue security. No two events are the same, so we always conform to your specific temp fencing requirements.


Whether it’s cricket or rugby, professional or within your community, Queensland loves a bit of sport. Where you need safety fences or crowd control barricades for your sporting event, TTFS can supply.

Fencing hire and reselling

We supply our fencing supplies to some of Brisbane’s biggest fencing hire companies. They know they are hiring out a high-quality product to their customers and can rely on us to supply more fencing within 24 if it’s needed.


The Queensland government frequently commissions building works across Brisbane and the whole state. These are completed by local contractors who have complete trust in the safety and quality of our temp fencing products. We conform to A.S. 4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoardings.
Construction and building

Residential builders, property developers and construction managers need to keep their worksites safe. Stay safe at your workplace with temporary fencing.

The cheapest, fastest temporary fencing solutions for businesses in Brisbane

The Temporary Fencing Shop (TTFS) offers a range of cheap and fast temporary fencing supplies that don’t compromise on quality or safety, including:
Temporary pool fencing that meets the legal requirements
Fencing panels and feet.
Printed shade cloth & other printed products for your fence
Pedestrian barricades and crowd control barriers

Because we manufacture our temporary fencing ourselves, we are able to keep the sale price low for your business. We are also able to provide guaranteed next day delivery or same day pickup because we aren’t reliant on receiving our fencing from a third party. Having your own fencing means you can set up and take down your fences exactly when you need to – there’s no waiting around for a fence hire business to do the job for you. Your team will be able to build the fence in their sleep within a few jobs! If your project runs overtime, you aren’t stuck with costly hire charges or overtime fees – your fencing was a one-off payment. You won’t need to pay inflated maintenance surcharges if your fencing is damaged or vandalised.

Brisbane’s temporary fencing experts are waiting to give you a quote

Our temporary fencing supplies aren’t just the cheapest in Brisbane – they’re the best value across Australia! We can deliver your order within 24 hours, and we only offer safe and quality products. Call us on 1300 119 998, and we can sort out your free quote.

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